NanoMarket Release v1.3.2 2017

The NanoMarket Release for the month of November, adding picture functionality for the Cancel Report and updates the Commercial Scroller.

Developer Note: React Native has been upgraded to v0.45.



Cancel Reports Include Photos

The NanoMarkets now provide photos to the Cancel Report.

Note: If ADM → Reports does not show the Cancel Report, contact the Support Team and ask them to enable the Cancel Report for you!

Local Logging

Moki users can now pull log files for NanoMarkets. You'll need to run the GCM command, and then pull the file from:

The next step is to get the log files into DashWeb. To keep track of that feature add SOS-2362 to your JIRA Watch-List.

New Standards for Commercial Images

The commercial scroller for NanoMarkets has been updated to prefer images sized at 1024x520px.

Existing images have been brightened and the typography has been updated.





On-Screen Keyboard Adjustments

The NanoMarket interface has been adjusted so that the Android On-Screen keyboard does not cover the input field as the user is typing.

Scan Product Image Added

A picture demonstrating how to use the barcode scanner to scan a product has been added to the NanoMarket's default commercial Photo Roll.