NanoMarket Release v1.3.4 2017

This NanoMarket update focuses on a major bug which was resulting in consumers being charged for items that did not get recorded in any transaction.




Charges for Cancelled Transactions

If a user's transaction is cancelled or timed-out, sometimes it charged the user without actually creating a transaction record in ADM.

We resolved this by disabling the buttons that could cancel the transaction while it is in process, and corrected the time-out popup.

PIN Requirements

Some accounts were able to avoid the PIN requirement for signing into NanoMarkets. After this update only users who SHOULD be able to skip the PIN requirement can.

Caveat: This tiny subset of affected users will have to update their 365Pay App or the vulnerability will still exist.

The Cart & Credit Cards

A strange situation occurred in which adding items to the cart too quickly would cause the credit card reader to fail when the consumer attempted to pay for their items.

This has been corrected so that users can add as many items as they want, as quickly as they want, and the Nano will still attempt to charge their card as normal.