Kiosk Release 170901

Kiosk Release rel-171001-kiosk (Deploy Date: 2017-11-10)



ReadyTouch GMA Readiness

Until this code-deployment, ReadyTouch machines were incapable of taking GMA payments via scancodes while in Self-Service mode. Yeah, I was as surprised as you to find this out, but luckily we've got it fixed in time for the next #ConnectedCampus deployment.

Timed Discounts

Discounts can now be configured to run not just from DATE-to-DATE, but from DATE-and-TIME-to-DATE-and-TIME.

This means you can create a discount for your night shift folks from 10p - 6a, set to run daily.

If this looks familiar, you read the same release note in the rel-170818 ADM / Server release notes, this is the portion that gets the functionality added to the kiosks as well!





Faster Logins @ GMA MicroMarkets

The mechanism which handles account logon for GMA accounts has been reviewed, redesigned, and re-programmed to be faster and smarter.

The technical details of the change are, well, technical, but are available for anybody who wants them. For everyone else, let's just enjoy the faster, smarter sign-on sequence.

Cart & Receipts now show Bottle Deposits

The Bottle Deposit functionality has been updated to show the value on both the Cart and on Receipts.




Logins & Unused GMA Scancodes

If you attempt to sign into a GMA-enabled device using a ScanCode that meets the requirements of being a GMA scancode, but has not already been assigned to a consumer, the device would sign you in as an empty account.

This update prevents that. Now you'll get an error message directing you to sign up through an official account creation method.