Kiosk Release 180401 6-18-2018
Rel 180401-Kiosk (Deploy Date: 2018-06-18)


Add ACL (Access Control) for peripherals for driver role

ACL (Access Control) has been added in ADM for the V5 Driver Role.

GDPR - 365 will start tracking when policies have been acknowledged

365 will track that a user has accepted the Privacy and Biometric policies. If a new version of the policy is published, the user will be required to re-acknowledge and accept the new policy.

Products:  SOS ReadyTouch ,  V5 MicroMarket 

V5: CSS will hide Category Row for customers

A new CSS/Sass template has been created to hide the category row, and replace it with an ad. This is for customers who don't want to see categories on V5.

Products:  SOS ReadyTouch 

GDPR - Updated Privacy Policy

A new Privacy Policy and work flow has been added to the V5 Kiosk. Please see word document that explains more about GDPR.

Products: V5 MicroMarket





Nayax Credit Card Reader Improvements

Improvements to the Nayax credit card reader interface have been completed to eliminate credit charging and other funding issues that have been experienced by the users.

Products: SOS ReadyTouch , V5 MicroMarket

GDPR for V5 - Add Momentum scrolling on Privacy Policy

Action: "Flick" scroll the policy.
The Policy will now scroll with momentum, meaning it continues scrolling for a bit after finger release.

Products: V5 MicroMarket

v5 > Cashout Receipt Updates

As an operator I would like to have more data and information on the v5 cashout receipt so it is easier to track and manage cash.
The attached screenshots show the layout of the cashout receipt that will provide parity with valet cashout receipts. The receipt needs to include operator and location data, the name of the driver who performed the cashout, and the date and time of the cashout.

Products: V5 MicroMarket

ReadyFlex: Revisit Default Theme Template

The color scheme for the default ReadyFlex template colors has been changed.

Products: SOS ReadyTouch




Correct the issue with SoGo not working in CS.

The card number will now display the full number if the card is Inactive in CS.

Products: ADM

French (not French Canada) Translation Error

The button will say, in French (NOT French Canadian), "LOGIN WITH EMAIL"

Products: V5 MicroMarket

MicroMarket Not Sending Receipt

Regardless of which email delivery method is selected, the receipt is successfully delivered via the selected method.

Products: V5 MicroMarket

Unable To Select "Inventory" On V5

When the user selects "Inventory" from the kiosk driver menu, an error message will no longer be displayed.

Products:  V5 MicroMarket 

UK Nayax readers > Payment Declined Error on Card Reader

Issues with original deployment of the Nayax updates have been corrected.

Products: V5 MicroMarket