Kiosk Release 180601 8-16-2018
New Kiosk Release rel-180601-kiosk (Deploy Date: 2018-08-16)


Micro Market Menu Updates

Currently on ADM, the Micro Market (Self Service) menu applies to both the RT and V5. When both a MM and RT are on the same location, you cannot have separate menus.
The new functionality will allow a Self Service Menu for RT and a Self Service Menu for MM active on the same location. The RT will pull in the Self Service menu and the MM will pull in the Micro Market (Self Service) menu.

Products: SOS ReadyTouch; V5 MicroMarket

Quantity Button for ReadyTouch

A quantity button has been added on both CS and SS mode in RT that allows for multiples of the same product to be added to a cart. This will make it easier to add multiples of the same product to an order instead of having to keep adding the same product.

Products: SOS ReadyTouch





Default print Currency to USD

The default for Currency on receipts will now default to USD and will now be a required field when setting up a new org in ADM.

Products: ADM

SOS>$100 Max Transaction Limit>Cart Screen

If Canada is selected as the country code in ADM, a $100 maximum transaction ceiling will be activated.

Products: ADM

Change to ReadyFlex default color on Theme Template

The default color on the templates have been modified to be closer to the prior template color scheme.

Products: SOS ReadyTouch

Localization - Implement French Translation for Canada RT

The French Canadian language translation has been added for the ReadyTouch kiosk.

Products: SOS ReadyTouch

RT>CS> Coin Dispenser and Voiding

Now when performing a VOID with an integrated coin dispenser, the change DUE will be dispensed via the coin dispenser.

Products: SOS ReadyTouch

Scancode/fingerprint for V5 when out of connected campus

When a consumer logs into a v5 that is not a part of their connected campus, they will no longer be able to access to add/edit their information using the 'Scan Touch to Setup' and 'Fingerprint Touch to Setup' options.

Products: V5 MicroMarket

Toggle to use API gateway or direct connection

Be able to toggle between going through API gateway or direct through a system environment setting
As a user in ADM/DashWeb be able to toggle the switch to convert kiosk to use gateway/direct if on VPN.

Products: V5 MicroMarket

V5 > Cash Out Receipt

The kiosk serial number will now print on the cash out receipt under the 'Driver' field.

Products: V5 MicroMarket

 V5 Time out prompt change

The 'Do You Need More Time Prompt' currently appears on screen for 10+ seconds. To ensure that consumers don't accidentally stay logged in for too long, we have reduced that time to 5 seconds.

Products: V5 MicroMarket




ADM > Reports > Cancel report not showing all Cancel transactions

The Cancel Report will now show consumer data for cancel transactions.

Products: ADM

V5 > Fingerprint reader gets stuck in WAIT mode

The Issue has been fixed that was causing the reader to get stuck in WAIT mode.

Products: V5 MicroMarket