Kiosk Release 180801 9-12-2018
New Kiosk Release rel-180801-kiosk (Deploy Date: 2018-09-12)



Change to terms for Credit/Debit

All references to credit or debit cards on the V5 MicroMarket have been updated to the phrase 'Credit/Debit'. This will confirm to consumers that they can either scan a Credit or Debit card to fund their account or complete their purchase.

Products: V5 MicroMarket

V5 kiosk now supports German as a language

The V5 MicroMarket now supports German as a language. This can be set as the kiosks main or alternative language if needed.

Products: V5 MicroMarket





"Need More Time" dialogue repeating 3 times before going away

On the V5 MicroMarket, the 'Do You Need More Time' prompt could repeat a few times if the prompt was not interacted with. This fix ensures that the prompt does not repeat and goes back to the home screen of the kiosk.

Products: V5 MicroMarket

GDPR always shows biometric policy when user modify their fingerprint

If GDPR is enabled for a V5 MicroMarket, the biometric policy was prompting any time a consumer edited their fingerprint on their account. This fix ensures that if a consumer edits their fingerprint, they will not be prompted with the biometric policy.

Products: V5 MicroMarket

Transactions without Tender Type

In some scenarios, the CREDIT Payment Type details of a transaction were missing from the ADM "Transaction Search". This fix ensures transactions sent to the server will always include a Payment Type.

Products: V5 MicroMarket, ADM

System fails to recognize valid Market Card beginning with 444

This fix is for an issue that was causing consumer market cards that began with the digits '444' to not be recognized at the kiosk. With this fix, consumers can now use cards with that prefix.

Products: V5 MicroMarket, ADM