NanoMarket Release v1.3.5 12-20-2017

nanomarket 1.3.5 (Deploy Date: 2017-12-20)
This nanomarket release focuses on credit card reader hardening.




Card Reader Freezing Solved

We figured out what was causing the NanoMarket card readers to occasionally freeze, it was a "callback stack overflow", a fancy programmers term which means the computer had so many processes listening for a card swipe that when it finally happened all the processes started screaming about it at once and the computer couldn't understand any of them.

That's fixed now.

Multiple Charges Per Transaction Corrected

A few consumers experienced a situation in which their transaction was split into multiple payments, the first for $1.00 and the second for the rest of the transaction.

We thought that was inconvenient and confusing so we had a developer fix it.