NanoMarket Release v1.3.6 1-14-2018

nanomarket 1.3.6 (Deploy Date: 2018-01-14)



Declined Card Swipes & Multiple Charges

A particularly vicious bug caused a situation in which sometimes one or two declined credit card swipes would all get tagged onto the next successful credit card swipe. Although this only happened during account funding, while a consumer was signed in, and therefor could only affect a single consumer, (nobody was charged for somebody else's funding), it was confusing to consumers.

This has been fixed.

QuickPay, Charity, and Chastisement

You would think a kiosk that was giving food to the poor er... to the consumers, would be a feature, and not a bug, but we live in a weird world, and it is in fact a bug.

There was a situation which caused QuickPay to sometimes charge only a dollar, regardless of the product amount.
It has been chastised and will no longer be so charitable.