ADM Release - 10/27/2017


Default Pantry Groups

They're now a real thing.

Admins can now create Pantry Groups (which help with managing auto-funding of consumer accounts) by location and assign a pantry group as the default for new consumers at that location.





Food Scale Modernization

Three big changes are in the pipeline with this one:

New Model: Ariva-S-111 - now recognized
The weight and price are now displayed on the screen in real time (it used to only show on the receipt)
Scales now allow use of the metric system

Product Summaries will now indicate whether the current system is imperial or metric.

Note: This is for the ADM side of things, the matching kiosk update is due with next month’s kiosk release!




365Pay, AutoFunding, and Minimums

If you set up Auto-Funding on your account, but your balance is already less than the funding-trigger, the funding never happens.

Ex) If you have $2 and set up auto-funding to add $20 whenever your balance drops below $5, the system never adds the funds.

With this update auto-funding checks the balance at the appropriate times and everybody gets their money.

Products: ADM

Passwordless Logins 

End-Users try all sorts of crazy things, like creating an account on the kiosk (which forces a PIN but not a password) and then trying to sign into the 365Pay app or into using their email address and PIN (those both force a password but not a PIN).

In the case where a user does not have a password, the system would panic and start chucking exceptions around, but now after the fix, it will tell them to add a password to their account before trying to sign in with said password.

Products: ADM

 Inventory Value Summary Report

The "Inventory Value Summary" report had the Cost Total and Retail Total values in the wrong columns.

They are where they should be now.


Voided Transactions & Negative Taxes

It's not so much that all taxes are negative, that depends on your own personal values, but in this specific context, when certain transactions were voided the taxes flipped to being reported as a negative value. This was messing with financial reports, so we fixed it to remove the tax, instead of just toggling the sign.