Kiosk Release 171001

rel-171001-kiosk (Deploy Date: 2017-11-10)



Images Updated for New Card Readers

The images on SOS MicroMarkets have been updated to show the OTI card reader rather than the old ID-Tech card reader.

Verifone Cancel Button

When a customer wants to cancel a transaction on a kiosk that uses the Verifone card reader instead of the default ID-Tech card reader, the process includes pushing a button on the Verifone itself.

New screens have been added to guide users through this process when they want to cancel a transaction.





SOS Account Creation Workflow

The SOS Account Creation workflow has been updated (once again) to more closely align with the Gen2 GMA account creation workflow.

Consumers will need to create their accounts using either a Scan ID or a fingerprint.

Products: 365Pay App; SOS MicroMarket; SOS ReadyTouch

Discount Configurability

During the last server-side upgrades we announced that the ability to configure whether the "Get Employee Discount" button would show up in Self-Service Mode, or only be available in Cashier-Service Mode. With this update to your kiosk, that configuration option in ADM will be respected on the kiosk!

Reminder: Contact the Support Team if you would like this option changed!

Products: ADM; SOS ReadyTouch

New Commercial Sizes for MicroMarkets

The Commercial sizes for MicroMarkets have been updated. Here are the changes:

  • Dimensions: 1024px wide / 520px tall
  • File Types: .png and .jpg

Images will not be scaled or stretched.
If the image is too big, the overflowing edges will be cropped out.

Note: This provides parity between the MicroMarket and NanoMarket commercials, so that operators do not have to provide different images for each device.

Products: SOS MicroMarket

AppCard Speed-Ups

AppCard was taking upward of 20 seconds to display the offers and rewards. We thought that was a bit excessive, so we reduced the delay to less than 5 seconds.

Products: SOS ReadyTouch




Disabled Market Cards they get disabled for real. Somehow the system was allowing us to mark a card as "disabled" but still allowing the consumer to log into their account with that card. It's fixed now.

Products: ADM

BillAcceptor Timing Issues Fixed

There was an issue where if the "insert cash" modal (popup) was closed at exactly the wrong time during a cash-insert event, the bill acceptor would accept the cash and then rudely not apply that cash to your account. To add insult to injury theft, it didn't even use the cash for anything, it just hoarded it.

No more. The cash-acceptor has been punished and rehabilitated, and is now on the straight-and-narrow.

Products: SOS MicroMarket