Kiosk Release 171201 1-31-2018
 rel-171201-kiosk (Deploy Date: 2018-01-31)

This release is focused on the availability of Canadian kiosks, a French interface, the Promotions Phase 1, and the Cancel Report. There are a few improvements and a few bug fixes thrown in.



After this update, V5 kiosks for Canada can be built using the 365Secure card readers.

This does NOT mean V5 kiosks with 365Secure are available for the USA, the UK, or Italy.

V5 Kiosks Available in French

We did many things to make the kiosks work with the French language, date and time formatting, financial reporting, and other various tasks related to localization. Most of them worked.

La tâche de donner aux kiosques l'arôme du pain chaud a échoué dans l'assurance qualité.

Products: ADM

Promotions - Phase 1

Phase 1 of the new promotions system is available with this release. So far it works on V5 MicroMarkts, and only offers Tender Discounts. More with Phase 2.

There is a FAQ available to answer all your questions about it.

Cancel Reports Come to ReadyTouch

The Cancel Report is now available on ReadyTouch units.

Anytime an item is cancelled the timestamp is saved to this report.

If you need this report, but it is not in your list of available reports, contact 365 Support and ask them to enable that report for your kiosks.

Please note that this function is enabled and disabled per device not entire locations or organizations.

Product: SOS ReadyTouch





MicroMarket Icon Updates

As we push for consistency among multiple product lines, we're giving the V5 MicroMarkets a facelift, to use the same icon sets used by the 365Pay app, NanoMarkets, and GMAWeb.

Redux : Metric for ReadyFlex Cashier Service

The food scales connected to ReadyFlex units (in Cashier Service mode) now support metric units, and also now display the current weight and price on the screen in real-time.

Simply select the weighable item from the menu, place the food on the scale, then tap "Add Item", and follow the on-screen instructions.

Products: V5 MicroMarket

AppCard Login Screen

The AppCard login process for Cashier and Self-Service mode has been updated for clarity. The on-screen instructions have been modified and it should be much easier for everyone now.

Products: SOS ReadyTouch

Special Payment Types

Who knew there were so many different fake-money payment options!

Well, now we know there are at least more than 9, because we only had room to put 7 "tender type" buttons on the ReadyFlex payment screen and somebody wanted 9.

We considered what to do about it for a long time, and decided to just... shrink the buttons, so we can fit 9 of them.

You'll probably see this note again when somebody wants to put 10 of them on the screen. Stay posted.

Products: SOS ReadyTouch




Home Commercials Update Again

This update fixes an issue where new commercials for the Home Screen were failing to show up after a full-sync, until someone restarted the point-of-sale app.

Since that's annoying for everyone, we changed it so the commercial will appear without needing to restart the application.

Products: v5 MicroMarket

Scanning from the SS Home Commercial

If a ReadyTouch unit is in Self-Service (SS) Mode, sitting at the Home Commercial page, and a consumer scans a product, that product does not reliably get added to the shopping cart. Additional scanned items after that do get added to the cart.

Since this resulted in a lot of consumers just walking out without paying for the first item scanned this became a high-priority issue.

This card went out as a hotfix on a previous release, and is now bundled into the main codebase.

Products: SOS ReadyTouch