Kiosk Release 180301 5-8-2018
Rel 180301-Kiosk (Deploy Date: 2018-05-08)

UPDATE! A fix will be put in starting on June 5th that will that correct the issue with SoGo not working in CS. Please note that the card number will not display the full number if the card is Inactive in CS, it will only show XXX-XXX but will print on receipt. The card number will display if the card is active.


New messages containing discount information

When in the process of making a purchase with ReadyTouch, the user will be displayed any discount offers with an animated piggy bank image. The user then can chose how to pay or what to buy to receive the discount. The user will be prompted to choose one discount if more than one is available.

Products: SOS ReadyTouch

Cashier Shutdown kiosk to desktop requires PIN

As a cashier, there is an option on the logged in menu that allows user to perform "Shutdown", this enables the application to closed and presents the Operating system desktop. This is a security risk so now a pin will be required for desktop access.

Products: ADM

Support for zero-priced/transaction

Some Operators would like to give away healthy food for free, but still be able to track those products in inventory for ordering purposes. Micromarkets will support sales where the cart has zero-priced items ($0 cost products).

Products: ADM

Additional Commercial images – up to 3 will display

The default commercial image process will now allow for 3 images to carousel on the display.

Products: V5 MicroMarket

New print or email of funding receipt format

A new funding receipt and email message will be sent out in the funding workflow from SOS-4684.

Products: V5 MicroMarket





Display Update to allow Translation Button to be more visible

The Kiosk will now display the Translation Button so that is more easily accessed for alternative language translations requests (i.e. French).

Products: SOS ReadyTouch

Update to user experience on a successful or cancel transaction

The screen background for a successful transaction will now be green on the display. The screen background for a cancel transaction will now be red on the display.

Products: V5 MicroMarket

Alert messages have been updated for a better user experience

Alert messages have been reorganized and updated so that the user is better able to understand what happened.

Products: V5 MicroMarket

Updates to Insufficient Funding workflow

The Insufficient Funding workflow has been updated:
Insufficient Card Funding – User will not be allowed to select an amount that they don’t have funds to cover the transaction, a receipt/email will be created that will include the funding information and a receipt/email will be created that will include the purchase information.
Insufficient Cash Funding – Flow has been changed to allow for press of I’m Done and it will take the user back to the cart. Receipts/emails will be updated as above card funding process.

Products: V5 MicroMarket




ADM > Reports > Cancel report not showing all Cancel transactions

When performing a cancel transaction on the kiosk, the cancel report will now show the appropriate data.

Products: ADM

Back button operation on account login

Once a user is logged in using an email address, if the ‘back’ button is pressed the system will return you to the account login options screen.

Products: SOS ReadyTouch

Cart Size Limit Exceeded Message Italian Translation Error

The message informing the user they have exceeded the 100 item cart limit is now in Italian for Italian users.

Products: V5 MicroMarket

OTI Canada - Delay between tap payment and "Processing" popup causing confusion, double "taps"

When doing a "contactless" payment the workflow will now take you directly to the "processing" screen, this will keep the user from doing a "tap to their credit card again

Products: V5 MicroMarket

The fingerprint identifier should not work after payout and close

No External

Products: V5 MicroMarket

QR Code not associated with org isn’t recognized

365 has put in a fix so that the system now recognizes the payment without having to refresh the payment page or connect the QR code to a specific organization on the kiosk.

Products: MyMarketAccount

Allow display of 4 payment options on screen

The Kiosk will now display the payment options correctly on the screen.

Products: V5 MicroMarket

Correction of French Canadian translation

The translation for the 100 item cart limit to "Limite Dépassée la limite a été dépassée" and “OK” button to be "D'accord"

Products: V5 MicroMarket

Unable to Close Email / Scan Code Layer During Registration

When the "X" in the upper-right corner of the "Crate Account" layer is tapped, the "Create Account" layer will be dismissed and the user is returned to the home screen

Products: V5 MicroMarket

Support special character in credit card name

365 will support the special character “&” in a credit card name and send it appropriately to the payment processer.

Products: V5 MicroMarket