Tracking Support Tickets in the HelpCenter


You can submit, track, respond to, and review history for all 365 Support tickets you have submitted or been CC'd on since 9/17/18. After you have registered and verified your email address, all your tickets can be accessed at under My Support > Ticket History


Ticket Statuses

  • Open - This indicates that 365 Support has received your request and is actively working to resolve your issue.
  • Awaiting Your Reply - This status indicates that Support is awaiting your confirmation, or needs additional details to complete your request.
  • Solved - This indicates that Support has marked your issue as resolved. 


Responding to Support Tickets

When a ticket is submitted, you will automatically receive email notifications every time one of our Support Specialists adds a new comment to your ticket.  You can respond to our Support Team by reviewing the ticket in the HelpCenter or by replying to the request by email. 

  • Through Email - Reply to the message like you would with any other email! Your response will automatically post to your ticket and notify the agent handling your ticket.
  • In the HelpCenter - Locate the ticket on your Dashboard or Ticket History page to view the latest updates to your ticket. To add a new comment, scroll to the bottom of the conversation and select Add to conversation. A text box will appear that will allow you to respond to Support, and attach any needed files to your ticket.


Reopening a Solved Ticket

If you need further assistance with the ticket, reply within seven days to reopen the original request. If a Solved ticket beyond seven days needs further investigation, a follow up request can be submitted that will automatically reference your the original case number.