Using the HelpCenter

Welcome to the new 365 Helpcenter

In the new 365 Helpcenter you can still easily Sign up, Log in, View your tickets, and save your favorite articles.

We understand that sometimes you may want to explore our Helpcenter articles without a specific item in mind. Or you just can't seem to find what you are looking for.  To help ease this, we have categorized all of our articles into new categories and sections and created the new explore menu to assist in navigating these updates.


Welcome to the 365 HelpCenter, the 24/7 online support portal for 365 MicroMarket, Vending, and Dining products. The 365 Help Center is our knowledge base and support portal, designed to put the information you need right at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you need it. Our user-friendly guides and articles were designed to quickly give you the information you need about our technology. Find answers to frequently asked questions, print documents, master web-based administration tools, and learn valuable troubleshooting tips to reduce downtime in your market.

Our HelpCenter is designed with helpful features that allow you to:

  • Submit and track Support tickets
  • Download 365 Wing Cards, documents, and how-to guides
  • Get troubleshooting tips and videos
  • Access the site on any device, with a mobile-friendly user interface


You can access the HelpCenter by navigating to OR you can access by clicking Help in the upper right corner of ADM.


Accessing Articles

The 365 HelpCenter does NOT require a login in order to view articles (with the exception of organization-specific articles, which will require a login). You can simply search for the information you need and view relevant articles. However, if you would like to track your Support tickets and bookmark articles in your Saved Resources, a login is needed.

  • I've logged in to the HelpCenter previously:
    • If you have logged in to our HelpCenter in the past, simply click Log In and enter your credentials.
  • I haven't logged in to the HelpCenter before:
    • If you haven't logged in to our HelpCenter but have emailed in to Support, you may already be registered in the system and just need to create a password. To do so, proceed to Log In.
    • If you have not emailed in to Support, proceed to Create an Account.
    • If you do not want to create an account, simply start searching for the information you need.


The HelpCenter login is different from your ADM or SmartHQ credentials.


Log In

You can view articles without logging in, but if you would like to track Support tickets or save articles to your Saved Resources on the HelpCenter, you will need to log in. 

  1. Click Sign In.
  2. Click Get a password.
  3. You will then be prompted to enter your email address in. This should be your work email address or the email you most commonly use to contact 365.
  4. You will then receive an email to reset your password. Once you have done that, you can log in and track your Support tickets as well as save frequently used articles to your Saved Resources.


Create an Account

Your account activity is tied to your email address. When registering, we recommend using your work email address or the email you most commonly use to contact 365.

  1. Click Sign In.
  2. Click Sign Up.
  3. Enter your first and last name as well as your email address. Then click Sign Up.
  4. You will receive an email to complete the account registration. Once you have done that, you can log in and track your Support tickets as well as save frequently used articles to your Saved Resources.


Account Features

If you are logged in using the email address you've emailed Support with, you have the ability to track Support tickets and save useful articles to your Saved Resources. For more information on accounts, refer to Accessing Articles.


Track Support Tickets

  1. Click the Tickets button. This will only show if you are logged in.
  2. You will then be able to view tickets you have submitted and tickets you are CCed on by clicking the appropriate button. You will see the following information for tickets:
    • Subject of ticket
    • Ticket number
    • When the ticket was created
    • When the last activity on the ticket was
    • The status of the ticket (awaiting your reply, solved, etc.)
  3. Clicking on the subject field will allow you to see the conversation thread and reply.


Saved Articles

If you have an article that you use frequently, you can save it to your Saved Articles section for quick future reference. This only applies if you are logged in to the HelpCenter.

  1. To save an article to your Saved Resources, simply click the Follow button at the top of the article.
  2. To access your Saved Articles, click the Saved Articles button at the top of the HelpCenter. You will then see a list of all articles you have followed. To remove an article from this list, click the article name and then click the Unfollow button once the article loads up.

Explore Menu

The explore menu is a way to navigate the helpcenter categories and sections to assist in finding brand specific articles and more.




By clicking on the explore menu button you can browse our helpcenter by Brand and section.  (Some brands may redirect to other websites).  We have organized the explore menu and our new sections in most cases by Brand > Product Line > Platform > Device > Topic. Example shown below.