ADM On-Screen Promotions



ADM features a new Dashboard for monitoring, creating, and editing On-Screen Promotions offered to kiosk customers. Promotions can be applied to an Organization, Location, State, or Zip Code. On-Screen Promotions allow for an administrator of a kiosk to create a discount of one of two types: “item” and “category”. These can be discounted by currency amount, or by percentage. There are three options for scheduling: Scheduled, Flash Sale, and Recurrence.


Locating On-Screen Promotions

1. Log in to ADM and click the Admin tab, select Promotions from the drop-down menu.

2. The Promotions list for the organization will display.

3. If needed, filter results by:

  • Description
  • Date Range
  • Locations
  • Status
  • Promo Type (On Air & Tender Discount)



Location Specific- Promotions

1. Sign in to ADM and select the Location tab. 

2. Select the desired Location. The Location Summary page for that location will display.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the Location Summary page for an overview of all Promotions. The overview will include Past, Present, and Future Promotions for this specific location.

4. To EDIT an active promotion, click the promotion. You can edit a promotion by clicking on it unless it is Expired.



Creating on On-Screen Promotion

1. Enter Promotion Basics

1. From the Location Summary page or the Promotion List, select Create Promotion

2. Select On-Screen for the Promotion Type. Additional fields will display.

3. Enter a Promotion Name. This will show in the Overall Promotions table.

4. Enter a Display Name. This is the name that will appear on the kiosk.

5. Select the Next button.


2. Choose Promotion Filters

Five filters are available to select to apply to kiosks:

  • City
  • Location
  • Org
  • State
  • Zip

6. By applying these filters, you are determining the kiosks where you want to apply the On-Screen promotion. You may apply one or many filters.


  • City - Apply to markets within a certain city.
  • Location - Apply to certain locations in your Organization.
  • Org - Apply to all locations in your Organization.
  • State - Apply to all locations in a certain state.
  • Zip - Apply to all locations in a certain Zip Code. 

7. Click Next after completing the filters.


3. Promotion Details

The third settings allows you to configure the amount and type of promotion for the selected location(s).



1. Discount By - Select Item or Category. Categories (e.g., Beverage, Snack) can be configured under the drop-down Menu in ADM). 

Note: If you are selecting by Category, only categories that are listed in the Category 1 field for products will be active.


2. Discount Type - Select Amount or Percentage. To select a static numerical discount (e.g., $1 off), select Amount. For a percent value (e.g., 30% off), select Percentage.


3. Transaction Minimum - Indicate a transaction minimum of a currency before a specific Promotion becomes applied.

4. Discount Timing - Select Flash Sale, Recurrence, or Scheduled.


  • Flash Sale - After a promotion is created, a Flash Sale begins immediately and ends after the hours specified.  Flash Sale is the easiest to create, but offers the least customization.


  • Recurrence - Specify a start and end date of the promotion campaign.
    • You can set No End Date and edit it at a later date to close the campaign.
    • The Start Time and End Time are the times that the sale will actually occur.
    • Recurring on specifies the actual days of the week that the sale will occur.


  • Scheduled - Plans a Promotions in advance. Specify a Start Date, Start Time, and End Date and End Time.


4. Create Promotion

When complete, select Create on the final Promotion Details page. ADM will display a confirmation message to confirm the details of your new promotion.



Editing an On-Screen Promotion

If a promotion is not expired, you may edit the details by selecting the promotion from the Promotions tab on the bottom of the Location Summary page.


To end an active promotion, click End Promotion Now.

You can edit all details of a promotion, including the date and time of the promotion, and the discount applied. After making changes, select Update on the third tab to apply your changes.


Copying Promotions

Use the Copy Promotion button to copy a promotion and then give it a new name. You can copy any Active or Scheduled promotion, but you cannot copy an Expired promotion.  


  1. Open the promotion you want to copy.

  2. Select Copy Promotion in the top, right corner.

  3. Choose a new name for the promotion.

  4. Make any changes to the promotion details as needed.

  5. Select Create when you are done.