ADM Setting up Driver Access


Employees who will be collecting cash from the kiosk bill acceptor need to have an access level that will allow them access to the Point-of-Sale administration settings. 

Creating a Driver Kiosk Account

You can create an account for Drivers in ADM. This access level will only give the driver access to complete a Cash-In Report on the kiosk when removing cash from the bill acceptor. It will not allow access to the ADM portal itself. 

  1. Log into ADM.

  2. Select Admin.

  3. Select Users and Roles from the drop-down menu.

  4. Click Create New in the top, right corner. The following page will display.

  5. Enter the employee's First Name, Last Name and Email under Account Information in the Add User page. 

  6. Click the Generate Pin button. A four to six-digit number will appear in the field above the button. This will be the pin the driver will be prompted to enter when accessing the administration settings for the kiosk. 

  7. Click in the Org(s) and Location(s) boxes to add the appropriate information.

  8. Click in the Client and National Accounts fields under Select National Accounts if this information will be relevant to the new user.

9. Click the Save User button on the left. The following page will display.


10. Click on the Manage User Roles tab. The following page will display.


11. Select the appropriate role from the Security Role drop-down menu. In this case, we are choosing  Driver. The Effective Date field will auto-populate with today's date.

12. Click the Add Role to User button.  The role you selected will display in the Role column near the bottom of the screen.