ADM Using the Pick List with Lightspeed

When you have your routes and products setup correctly, you can start using the Pick List to create orders.

  1. Log into ADM. The Location List screen displays.

  2. Click on the location where you want to use the Pick List, in the Location Name column. The Location Summary screen displays. 

  3. Scroll down to the tabs near the bottom, click the Inventory tab. 

  4. Click the Pick List button on the far left. The Pick List screen for the location that you selected displays a large table with eleven columns containing all of the products that need to be picked. Along the top right of the screen are the following five buttons:

Add Product – Click this button to add products from the Product Database to the Pick List.

History – Click this button to see a history of orders.

Refresh Pick List – Click this button to get the most up-to-date Pick List based on current inventory numbers.

Export Pick List – Click this button to automatically export your Pick List to Microsoft Excel.

Push To Inventory – Click this button to create your order and make it available for you to access in the Lightspeed system. When you click this button, the Pick List will become read-only until the order has been completed. 

5. Below the buttons is the Search field which can you use to find a particular product quickly. 

6. Click the blue numbers in the Need column at the far right to change the amount of each inventory
    item that will be in your order.  

7. Click the Garbage Can icon to temporarily remove an item from the Pick List that you do not want   
    in your order.   

8.  Click the Push To Inventory button when you have your order ready. 

9.  Go to the Lightspeed interface to start the picking process. When you are done and the order is
     complete, the inventory will be updated in ADM, based on the quantity of each item picked. .