ADM - Release Notes - 240503 [05/23/24]

Release Notes rel-240503-server 

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 5/23/24. 



What’s New

  • For 365Dining, the Lead Time per Menu threshold has been raised up to 24 hours. This change will allow Operators to extend the Lead Time if needed, allowing for more time before an Order is placed and fulfilled.

  • The Gift Pass expiration concept has been modified to allow for expirations to be set past 1 year. This change will allow for additional use cases to be accommodated by Operators in the case a year expiration was too limiting.

  • The Subsidy Consumer Spend report in ADM has been updated to show the actual Subsidy Group name. This update will make it easier to analyze spending habits and provide detailed information to clients.

  • The Inventory Adjustment Detail report in ADM is a great tool for seeing what Products were added to or removed from a Location. To provide more utility to this report, we have added in a new Route filter and column to the report UI. The Route data will allow Operators to quickly find and analyze inventory trends by Route, helping to identity and correct any issues.


Bug Fixes

  • General bug fixes