Parlevel - Switching a Kiosk PayPlus Card Reader to an Ethernet Connection


PayPlus card readers for Parlevel kiosks can be connected to the internet using a cellular connection or an ethernet connection. These devices are set up to use a cellular connection by default when they are shipped, but they can be configured to use an ethernet connection with assistance from our Support team. The following article contains the steps to set up your reader for an ethernet connection.


  1. Contact our Support Team at 210-200-8873, option 1. Provide them the serial number for the PayPlus device you are wanting to switch to ethernet, along with the PLK# of the kiosk it is installed on.

  2. The ethernet port on the PayPlus will be to the right of the MDB connection and will have a metal covering, seen in the image below. Make sure the ethernet cable is connected to both the device and the port it will use to connect to the network. Please leave the cellular antennae attached.

    Parlevel - Kiosk Payplus Ethernet Port.png

  3. Run a CTMS check to verify the reader can connect to our servers using a cellular connection. (If the device does not pass the CTMS check or if it is in an area with poor cellular connection, it may need to be taken to another location with a better cellular signal before ethernet settings can be sent.)
    Parlevel - VMS Information Icon.png For more information on running a CTMS check, please see our article on running a CTMS Check on a Payplus Device.

  4. Once Support has confirmed the device has a good connection, they will queue the ethernet settings to be received by the device. Another CTMS check must be run for the device to take this setting and apply it. We advise checking the device’s information screen afterwards to make sure it is showing Ethernet as the connection type.

  5. After the ethernet setting is taken by the device, the kiosk will need to be restarted by switch off the power strip inside the kiosk cabinet.

  6. Once the kiosk is powered back on, run another CTMS check to verify it can connect over ethernet. (If the CTMS check fails at this step, verify the ethernet network’s settings are allowing traffic to go through)

  7. Run a test transaction on the card reader to verify it is authorizing transactions.