PicoVend Mini 2024.2.0 - Release Notes [4-11-21]

Release Notes 2024.2.0

The following new features and updates were deployed on 4/11/2024.


PicoVend Mini

What’s New

  • Added ability for developers to transfer the casvend app to a device via USB

  • Provided alternative UI for UPT1B castles device

  • Now use IOT Core to send MQTT messages instead of Amazon MQ

  • Improved reliability of establishing cellular connection

  • Fixed a hangup that would sometimes occur when attempting to shut down the app by hitting the backspace key 3 times (developer use only)

  • Added most recent version of MDB firmware (0019)

  • Devices send screen resolution to AV Live to be displayed there

  • Corrected an issue that could potentially interrupt payment if a device came online sometime after startup

  • Now include the deviceId when calling the access/token endpoint

  • Added a simple SQL command that can be sent from AV Live and run on the device (developer use only)

  • Provided a recovery path if the secret obtained for API access is invalid

  • Allow MQTT messages to be sent to devices that are not linked

  • Corrected rare issue where pings were not coming through due to bad data

  • Added ability to change the environment using an attached keyboard