ADM - Release Notes - 240301 [3/21/24]

Release Notes rel-240301-server 

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 3/21/24.



What’s New

  • PicoCooler Breeze is receiving a new consumer policy update, allowing operators to control how strict to be in handling cases of products put back in the wrong location. This update also greatly improves overall product recognition, especially when multiple products are taken at the same time. Operators must have Evermart app version 1.0.74 to utilize this new feature. 

  • The technical structure and loading of data into the ADM Homepage Dashboard has been revamped to provide a more responsive experience. With these updates, the homepage of ADM will load more quickly, allowing Users quicker access and navigation of the site. Additionally, a new column for Yesterday Sales has been added to the dashboard, providing another level of insight.

  • On the Consumer Summary page, ADM Users can manage the Market Cards associated with a GMA. Previously, a Market Card could only be disabled on the account, but it was still associated with it. With this release, we have added in the ability to remove a Market Card from a GMA, allowing that same value to be used on another account if needed.

  • On the Location Summary page, there is an option to view the previously completed Physical Inventories. On the associated grid, we have added in a new column for Inventory Type, which will display what kind of inventory was completed.

  • In a previous ADM release, we had added in a conflict check around Pick List Actions and Case Counts on the Product Summary page. This check has been updated to provide a better user experience so only instances of a Case Count being set as 0 and the Pick List Action of 1+ Cases Needed will conflict. Ultimately, this check is in place to help prevent issues on the Pick List Manager of products not displaying as expected.


Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug around the “Has App” data for individual GMA. Previously, there were some issues with the correct data displaying, making it unclear if an account was or was not using the 365Pay app. With this fix, all accounts will now properly display if the app is being used or not.