ADM - Release Notes - 240209 [2/29/24]

Release Notes rel-240209-server

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 2/29/24.



What’s New!

  • The technical structure and loading of data into the ADM Homepage Dashboard has been revamped to provide a more responsive experience. With these updates, the homepage of ADM will load more quickly, allowing users quicker access and navigation of the site.

  • To provide better insights into Gift Cards and how they are being utilized, we have updated the Gift Card Details report. This report will now have additional filters for Issue Date and Expiration Date, making it easier to filter to a specific set of Gift Cards. For example, users will now be able to filter to the specific time frame during which a set of Gift Cards expired.

  • On the Location Summary page, we have updated the requirements around Order Ahead Pickup Locations. If a Location is utilizing a Locker, there will no longer need to be another Pickup Location associated in the settings. This will allow for a more streamlined and intuitive setup within ADM and for consumers when placing orders.

  • We have updated the flow after a User in ADM edits or closes an account on the Consumer Summary page. Previously, the User would be navigated back to the overall search page and would have to re-enter their criteria. With this update, the User will be brought back to the previously loaded list of results, making it easier to make additional account updates.


Bug Fixes

  • General Bug Fixes