AV Live Release Notes 2024.3.0 [02/23/24]

Release Notes 2024.3.0

The following new features and updates were deployed on 2/23/2024.


AV Live

What’s New

  • Added new ability to get a GSM log from PayPlus devices. Functionality should only be used by dev.

  • Contact Us Forms submitted through PayPlus QR code now require the Name, Comment, and/or phone/email fields

  • Removed unneeded Elmah error from being logged

  • Added handling for the screen resolution being sent up from a PayPlus device to distinguish between U1F and U1B castles devices

  • Added handling for case where the same coupon code exists in multiple companies

  • Added handling for U1B devices when importing Project Greenlite devices and provides information about advertisements for U1B devices

  • Changed how we get cellular usage from OptConnect’s Summit API and should be more efficient

  • Added new ability to run an arbitrary SQL query through MQTT. Functionality should only be used by dev.

  • Only send MQTT messages to devices that are able to handle them

  • Added new logging for error cases when the provided input is incorrect for getting access or authentication tokens