PicoCooler Vision - Troubleshooting Guide


This article describes how to access the technology inside a PicoCooler Vision. This device is a Stockwell smart cooler, and is part of the Stockwell product line. 


Tools Required

  • Philips-head Screwdriver


Accessing PicoCooler Vision Technology

  1. Locate the back panel cover of the PicoCooler Vision. Hold the cover in place with your free hand while removing first the top two screws, then the bottom two screws of this cover.  

    PicoCooler Vision - Back Cover Panel held in place by technician.png
  2. Remove the cover to reveal the internal components 


Inspecting the Components

With the back panel now removed, check the following pieces of technology: 

  • Ensure that the OptConnect cable and PC power cable are both properly secured into the power outlet

    PicoCooler Vision - Power outlet highlighted.png
  • Confirm that the ethernet cable is running up from the back channel into the Optconnect

  • Make sure the ethernet cable is running from the Optconnect to the PC

  • If the blue light on the PC is not illuminated, check that the connector is secure

    PicoCooler Vision - PC Connector.png
  • Check that all 5 camera cable USBs are connected. The cables for these cameras can be plugged into any USB port on the PC - the order does not matter.


Reinstalling Back Cover

  1. Hold the back cover in place, lining up the holes for all four screws. 

  2. Reattach the bottom two screws, then the top two screws. 



The PicoCooler Vision does not offer offline functionality. The device must be online to process payments. 

For the USA, the device uses the OptConnect Neo to provide service. The device selects the best tower available from Verizon or AT&T. 


Access the Cooler

On a PicoCooler Vision, the panel is located on the front of the cooler in the bottom right corner. To access these buttons, slide the spring-loaded protective cover to the left.



The camera cables run up a side channel of the device and out the back of the cooler. There is a putty plug that seals the hole in the cooler and forms around these cables. These cables then plug directly to the PC. 


PicoCooler Vision - Camera Cables - Putty and PC connection

This putty material covering is needed to securely seal cool air. Since this sealing is mission-critical to the device, if there is any issue with the camera cable, please contact 365 Support at (888) 365-6282 or to have a certified Due North cooler technician fix any issues.