PicoVend Mini 2024.1.0 - Release Notes [02-05-24]

Release Notes 2024.1.0

The following new features and updates were deployed on 2/5/2024.


PicoVend Mini

What’s New

  • Improved security of API calls by using Auth0 tokens

  • Coupon transactions will be deleted from the local database when submitted successfully

  • No transaction records will be created when a device is in demo mode

  • If a ping results in an HTTP error we now attempt to send a logcat, if it results as a Curl error we will re-attempt the ping one time

  • Replaced use of xmolloc function and only use malloc function

  • Explicitly set DEX revision and level to 00 and 06 respectively on the initial DEX attempt

  • Create and send an Issue to AV Live if a SQL query fails in the local database

  • Use “gzip” for API calls in attempt to reduce data usage