ADM - Release Notes - 240119 [02/08/24]

Release Notes rel-240119-server 

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 2/8/24.



What’s New

  • The Promotion conflicts in ADM have been updated to allow for additional promotion scenarios to be implemented. With this update, various combinations of promotions will now be feasible, including having the same product on both an On-Screen and Bundle promotion at the same time. These new scenarios will allow for more creative consumer engagement opportunities to entice consumer’s into the market.

  • Reports within ADM have the ability to be scheduled, so users can receive the report via email on a predetermined basis. We have added in the ability to schedule reports to be received at different times throughout the day, increasing the use cases for the feature. When scheduling a report, there is now a Time to Receive field, which will allow users to select an hour for the report to be sent.

  • On the Location Summary page in ADM, we have updated the process around Extending and Removing Products. Previously, after every add or remove of a product record, the page would reload and bring the user back to the Devices tab. With this update, the page will not reload again, which will provide a much smoother user experience.

  • We have updated the 365 Mobile Inventory site to wrap the Location Name text onto numerous lines. This will help to enhance the user experience by addressing the issue of Location Names being cut off on mobile devices, ensuring that Operators can now see the full names.


Bug Fixes

  • General Bug Fixes