ADM - Reporting - Gift Card Details Report


The purpose of this report is to give operators the ability to view and analyze a detailed breakdown of usage, by individual Gift Card record.


Report Description

Operators use this feature to report on individual Gift Card records so they can tell what was redeemed, what is still outstanding, and what value has expired. This insight helps operators to more quickly analysis Gift Cards in bulk so they know what may need to be charged or credited back to their clients.


Selection/Filter Criteria

  • Report name (required) -  Gift Card Details
  • Date Range (required) - Dates could be selected based on the following
    1. Today
    2. Yesterday
    3. Last 7 days
    4. Last 60 days
    5. Last Week (SU-SA)
    6. Last Week (SA-FR)
    7. This Week
    8. Last month
    9. This Month
    10. Current and Previous Month
    11. Custom Range
  • Time Range (optional) - Has a hh:mm format (24 hours)


ADM - Reports - Egift Card Details selection and Filter Criteria


Report Details

The report has a row for each individual record that is issued to a customer.

  • Title - Name of the eGiftcard
  • Bill Client - Name of the location
  • ID - This will show the GUID of the gift card
  • Issue Date - This will display Date and Time of the eGift card issued or printed
  • Expiration Date - This is the expiration date of eGift card issued, shown as Active, Expired, or Funded
  • Amount - This is the Gift amount
  • Redeemed - This is the consumed amount till date