AV Live Release Notes 2024.1.0 [01/26/24]

Release Notes 2024.1.0

The following new features and updates were deployed on 1/25/2024. 


AV Live

What’s New

  •  Added a field to the Finance tab in My Company to enter a second BP number

  • GMA V2 API calls will now use Auth0 rather than Tally

  • We now send down a flag to devices to indicate whether to create issues from SQL errors

  • Responses to WebAPI requests will be gzipped if "gzip" is included in the request header

  • Fixed handling when an invalid email is attempted for a GMA purchase

  • Fixed issue with GetGmaOrgs endpoint so it now returns all orgs

  • Allow the app version for PayPlus to be reverted

  • Fixed issue where the first row of Greenlite device import was not being imported

  • Removed link to create account from the bottom of the Coupon QR Code page

  • Reports will no longer lock the tables they are retrieving data from while the report is being run