ADM - Reporting - Promotion Analysis Report


The Promotion Analysis report is a detailed breakdown of the different types of promotions offers available. The report is grouped by and displayed in two ways: Promotion-wise and Location-wise. This is based on the selection of the group by the hierarchies change.


For Promotions

Promotions (Only list of Promotions that are availed)

  • Org and Location
    • Product Name and Amount (List of Products and Amount details)


For Locations

List of Location (only locations that transactions with promotions have been placed)

  • Promotions (Only list of Promotions that are availed for the selected location)
    • Product Name and Amount (List of Products and Amount details)


Selection/Filter Criteria

  • Report name (Required)
  • Date Range (Required) - Dates can be selected based on the following:
    1. Today's
    2. Yesterday's
    3. Last 7 days
    4. Last 60 days
    5. Last Week (SU-SA)
    6. Last Week (SA-FR)
    7. This Week
    8. Last month
    9. This month
    10. Current and Previous Month
    11. Custom Range
  • Time Range (Optional) - Has a hh:mm format (24 hours)
  • Group By (Required) - Options:
    1. All Promotions
    2. Redeemed Promotions
    3. Unredeemed Promotions
  • Organization (Optional) - List of all the Organizations
  • Location(s) (Optional) - Multiple selection of location is allowed
  • Device(s) (Optional) - List of devices
  • State (Optional) - List of all States
  • City (Optional) - List of all Cities
  • Zip (Optional) - List of all Zip Codes



Report Details

  • Promotion Name - shows the Promotion Name
  • Display Name - shows the Promotion Display Name
  • Type - shows the promotion type
  • Discount - shows the Discount
  • Applied To - shows the promotion applied to Each Line Item or Over all amount or Discount amount or bundle price
  • Reward Points - shows the reward points
  • Redemptions - shows the redemption Count
  • Amount - shows the total Amount or Discount amount
  • Timing - Timing to apply promotion Recurrence, Flash Sale, Scheduled
  • Start Date - shows the start date of promotion
  • End Date - shows the end date of promotion
  • Frequency - shows how frequently promotions happen
  • Status - shows the right now Status of promotion