ADM - Release Notes - 231110 [12/14/23]

Release Notes rel-231110-server 

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 12/14/23.



What’s New

  • The ADM Home Commercial upload process has been redesigned to allow for different sized images to be uploaded by device type. When uploading Home Commercials, users will be able to select a device “grouping” and associate the image to those specific devices. The benefit of this update is that each device at a Location can have a correctly sized Home Commercial for the size and orientation required.

  • Gift Cards in ADM are a great way to provide funds to consumers to utilize in a market. Previously, when printing Gift Cards from ADM, the max that could be printed at once was 100 records. To help make this process easier and quicker for users, that max print limit at a time has been increased to 1000 records.

  • The structure of the Gift Card Creation report in ADM has been updated to provide additional insights to users. Instead of having a single line item on the report for each Gift Card record, there will now be a line item for every time Gift Cards are Issued or Printed. This update will make it easier to determine the specific event that took place, along with the secondary information such as date, issuer, and amount.

  • The Cash Flow reports in ADM have been updated to have a distinct line item for Gift Card usage. Previously, Gift Card transactions were being captured in the Account row, but with this update, there will be a dedicated row specifically for Gift Card sales. This change will make it easier to determine the amount of sales that were completed using the Gift Card payment method.

Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug on the Consumer Search results grid in the Last Activity column that was preventing the date from updating as expected. With this fix, any time a consumer edits, funds, or checks out with their account, the date will update accordingly in ADM.