AV Live Release Notes 2023.8.0 [11/28/23]

Release Notes 2023.8.0

The following new features and updates were deployed on 11/28/2023.


AV Live

What’s New

  •  Migrate WCF endpoints to WebAPI

  • Integrate Auth0 access tokens into AVLive WebAPI

  • Use AWS Secrets Manager to store client id’s and client secret’s used for Auth0 access tokens in WebAPI

  • Add Elmah error logging for WebAPI

  • Store device API secret in database

  • Add Swagger to WebAPI

  • Replace .xls import templates to .xlsx import templates

  • Secure Elmah error page so only Admins can access

  • Move part of ‘syncing a device to a machine’ to a job performed by AirVendService

  • Add red warning next to machine name in Machines page for Demo mode similar to the warning triggered when a device is using Test CC or CC Inactive

  • Remove the ability to create orders and restrict editing order to Admins

  • Setup Auth0 access tokens for TEST and PROD environments

  • In AWS secret manager add auth and secret token secrets for Auth0 TEST and PROD environments

  • Migrate Discover endpoint from WCF to WebAPI

  • Migrate the Time endpoint from WCF to WebAPI

  • Perform some miscellaneous tasks in web.config.test and for WebAPI project

  • When sending sales to ADM we now ensure a string containing double quotes is encoded correctly

  • Modify the purging of ping histories and device config histories to be time-based rather than count-based


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error when running Machines Inventory Report