Spoonfed - Order Modifiers on the Online Ordering Site Version 3.0

Modifiers provide flexibility in Spoonfed to allow your to order exactly what you want. Knowing how to use them when Ordering Online helps to personalize items you want.


If a Menu Item has Modifiers, you need to indicate which modifiers you want. Click Add near the Item.


The Modifier Pop-Up allows you to choose a selected Modifier. Depending on the Min and Max Quantities enabled by the caterer, you can add none or more than 1 Modifier to the Item. Click Update when you've made your choices.


The Modifier Shows up in the Item and in the Basket when checking out.


If the Modifier has any extra supplements, you'll see the added cost in the parenthesis near the Item in the Basket.



That's how to add a Modifier on the Online Ordering Site!