Stockwell 2.0 - UK / EU - FAQ


General Questions

  1. How does the machine know what was selected?
    The Stockwell device uses a series of cameras and AI machine learning to determine what items were taken by the customer. 

  2. What types of products can be sold with this technology?
    Prepackaged, shelf stable foods, such as those found in our vending machines and Micromarkets, are best recognized by the AI recognition and provide the best experience for consumers. Fresh foods and items without a barcode are not currently supported. 
  3. Do customers need to scan the products on the Stockwell device?
    No, the customer does not scan any product on the Stockwell Device.

  4. When will customers receive their receipt for their purchase?
    Customers will receive a receipt about 5-10 minutes after a transaction.
  5. How many cameras are in the Stockwell?
    There are 9 cameras within the Stockwell, which are used to determine what a customer has purchased.
  6. Does the Stockwell have a cooler inside?
    Yes, the right-hand side of the Stockwell device is refrigerated.


AI and Planogram Questions

  1. How does the machine learn new products? How many transactions are required before the machine can detect products autonomously?
    The machine learns new products from actual customer transactions. Around 100 transactions are required where an item is taken before full training is complete.

  2. Why is it important to have an accurate Planogram/ schema for the Stockwell?
     A planogram serves multiple functions, such as:
    • Limiting the number of products the AI needs to check against to make a successful prediction
      • Instead of comparing against all the hundreds or thousands of products an Operator may sell, the Stockwell only needs to determine which of a few items the product might be. 
    • Providing correct image and placement assistance for the AI and potential human if human intervention is needed.

  3. What happens if the items in the device are not placed according to the planogram?
    Accuracy is greatly improved when the stock matches the planogram, as it allows the AI to search through its database of items more quickly. This also assists the manual reviewer in determining which items were taken if the AI confidence is low. However, the AI will do its best to determine an item regardless of its location. 

  4. How does Stockwell use the pictures that we upload to Stockwell site? 
    The 'product' or 'item' pictures are required for both the computer vision and human reviewer capabilities and recognition accuracy.

  5. What are the specifications for an image?
    The image size must be less than 7MB, and the image formats that are accepted are jpg/jpeg, gif, and png.
  6. How do I set up my planogram?
    Please visit the Stockwell 2.0 - UK / EU - Setup Guide for information on the planogram process. 


Payment Questions

  1. Can the pre-auth be set to 0?
    No: the minimum amount that a pre-auth can be set to is 1. This will protect you as the Operator from fraudulent cards being used at the Stockwell. The Pre-auth amount defaults to 10 if left unchanged in ADM.
    365 recommends you set your pre-auth amount to high enough to cover the most expensive inventory item in the unit. Ultimately, operators own all risk associated with purchases greater than the preauthorization amount being declined by card issuers.

  2. Can the customer be charged for more than the pre-auth amount?
    Internationally, the maximum a card will be charged is the pre-auth amount.

  3. When will the pre-auth show on my statement?
    The pre-auth typically shows immediately on your bank statement following your shopping session.

  4. When will my final charge appear on my statement?
    The final charge is sent immediately upon settlement of the shopping cart to your bank. However, it may not show immediately, as this is dependent on your bank.

  5. When will the pre-auth come off my statement?
    Similar to the above, the pre-auth may take some time to come off your statement, as the banking institution is responsible for the removal once we send the final amount.

  6. What if a consumer spends more than they have on their card?
    The amount above the pre-auth is not adjustable. Therefore, the pre-auth amount will be charged, once it has been verified that the consumer has that amount in their account. The Operator will then have a loss on the remaining funds owed.

  7. What will show on my statement if I make multiple transactions?
    If you visit the store multiple times and perform several transactions, you will see multiple pre-auth charges, as well as separate, final amount charges.

  8. What Credit/Debit Card Processor does the Stockwell device use?
    In the UK and EU, Wallee is the card processor. 

  9. What happens if a consumer pre-auths, but does not take any products?
    The pre-auth will show on the bank statement until removed by the bank. No additional charges will appear on the card statement.


Connectivity Questions

  1. What happens if the Stockwell is offline?
    Transactions are not available if the Stockwell is in offline mode. If a user attempts to present a payment form to begin shopping, the cabinet will not unlock. 

  2. How does the Stockwell connect to the internet?
    Stockwells will receive internet through Opt Connect devices, which are inside the Stockwell unit.


App Questions

The 365Ops app will be available to take front facing market photos in all countries by December 15, 2023. Current planogram and market photos must be managed through ADM.


Troubleshooting Questions

  1. How do customers unlock the doors?
    The Stockwell doors will be unlocked by initiating a payment, or by scanning the QR code within the 365pay app. When using any payment method, the preauthorization amount must be approved for the doors to unlock.

  2. How do you clear out the health safety lock?
    If the Health Safety lock is enabled, someone will need to be at the location to unlock the doors. Do this by holding the down arrow at the bottom of the Stockwell for 5 seconds, or until the red alert screen goes away on the device.