ADM - Release Notes - 231020 [11/09/23]

Release Notes rel-231020-server

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 11/9/23.



What’s New

  • Global Market Accounts are stored locally on kiosks based on the account’s home location/campus to provide a seamless consumer experience. The technical process for storing GMA locally has been updated to store only more active accounts (within 60 days) to help limit stale accounts that are syncing and being stored. This update is intended to limit the data consumption for syncing GMA and will help kiosks to perform at their best by not storing unnecessary data.

  • The Global Product Change feature in ADM has been cleaned up to ensure that only applicable fields can be edited at the global and location level product lists. This will help to prevent unnecessary issues from occurring and will streamline the overall update process.

  • When creating Tax Rates in ADM, the values that display have been updated to match exactly what has been entered by the User. Previously, extra 0 digits were being added to the tax rates to match the 3 decimal place structure. With this update, the exact value that has been entered will be saved and displayed.


Bug Fixes

  • General Bug Fixes