Stockwell 2.0 - Market Service Process


Servicing the Stockwell 2.0 starts with unlocking the store via the Pico device, and is completed using the Restockwell app on the handhelds. 

Download the Restockwell app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Requests for app credentials can be made at the Stockwell Operator Requests Portal

For Legacy Stockwell units, please see the Stockwell - Restockwell App Guide (Legacy Process) article. 


Market Service Process

  1. Tap 5 times in the top-left corner of the Pico screen to enter the driver menu

  2. Enter your PIN or ADM email and password. If you are unsure of PIN, it can be found/configured in ADM under Admin > User and Roles, then select user account.

  3. Select Start Service Mode. 

  4. Now that you are in service mode, open and close the door 3 times within the span of 5 seconds.
    The Minus40 display at the base of the unit will flash "dELAY" in this mode along with other unit data.
    Health Lock Delay Gif.gif

    Restocking mode is now activated and will remain in stocking mode for 30 minutes or until you press Finish on the Pico device. The health safety lock will be delayed by 2 hours after this process.

  5. Choose Finish when service is complete to lock both doors. The door will lock after 30 minutes or until Finish is pressed

  6. Use Stockwell Operations site credentials to sign in to the Restockwell app

  7. Select Delivery from the bottom of the screen

  8. Enter or Choose the Store Number

  9. Select the PHOTOS Tab

  10. Press the camera icon and take a picture of the store

  11. Upload to the Stockwell Operations site