PicoVend Mini 2023.4.0 - Release Notes [10-17-23]

Release Notes 2023.4.0

The following new features and updates were deployed on 10/17/2023.


PicoVend Mini

What’s New? 

  • Attempt to better handle failed Pings by sending the ping json to the logcat endpoint in the event it fails

  • Added more checks to Bluetooth disconnection to prevent device state where is left in the Bluetooth consumer state

  • Modify the MQTT callback to use message query for REST calls instead of calling them directly

  • Add READY_TO_POLL to the 1 minute ‘transaction thread is running’ check

  • Report the part number of the device to the Support Page in AV Live

  • Show the ‘add funds’ screen for a coupon, depending on the coupon balance and not the credit being sent to the machine

  • Add better handling for SIG faults

  • If SIM is detected, show the GPRS RegState rather than just YES in the modem field on the config screen

  • Fix issue where PayPlus will not detect CastlesPay is installed if it is installed first in the list of applications on device