Parlevel - Stock App Update August 2023


The Stock app by Parlevel Systems is available on iOS and Android mobile devices for vending and micro market operations. As of August 2023, the Stock app has been updated, releasing v1.6.6 for Android devices, and v2.7.25 for iOS devices. This article will cover the changes made in the update. 

For general information on using the Stock app to service online and offline machines, please see the Parlevel Stock App article.


After Service Inventory Management

This update focuses on improving the accuracy of inventory tracking on returned product by mandating an employee's reason for each inventory change. 


The Add Field

Each asset's inventory in Stock will now display the field Add when entering shrinkage for any product using the [] downward caret. Enter the quantity of items added back to the machine inventory after recording shrinkage. 

In addition, a new column Add is also available in the Machine Waste Report found in VMS Warehouse Analytics, which reflects the changes made in Stock. 


Link Waste Fields to Inventory Quantity

Each asset's inventory will display a toggle switch enabling the linking of shrinkage input to the inventory quantity. When toggled OFF, the items inputted as waste are not automatically calculated into the quantity displayed. We recommend this toggle remain ON for most Stock users. 


Please note that if the waste fields are linked to the inventory quantity, when the [+] button is pressed and the waste fields have non-zero values in them, units will be subtracted starting from the Expired field and continue moving right until the units subtracted equal the number added to the total. Similarly, using the [-] button will subtract units from the Add field until it reaches zero. 


Disable Direct Inventory Adjustment for Stock Users

Found in the VMS Company Settings under the Driver tab, there is now a toggle switch which disables direct inventory adjustment in Stock when the toggle is set to ON. In this case, drivers must use the Waste fields to make post-service inventory adjustments since the product quantity [+] and [-] buttons will not be present. We recommend this toggle remain OFF for most Stock users.