365Dining - Cash Drawer Management


This article explains how to manage cash drawers via ADM for 365Dining devices. Direct management of cash register features were previously unavailable to operators. 


Why Use Cash Drawer Management? 

With this feature enabled, a record is made every time a cashier or manager takes responsibility over a cash drawer. This record provides protection to your cashiers and managers, and allows the operator to track the transaction data collected during business hours. 



  1. Log in to ADM

  2. Select the Location of the device you would like to manage from the Location List

  3. Select the Device for which you would like to manage the cash drawer

  4. On the Device Summary screen, you will see a setting for Cash Drawer Management, which is set to No by default. Change this setting to Yes
    ADM - Device Summary - Cash drawer management is no.png

  5. Once you have changed the Cash Drawer Management setting to yes, you will now see a new setting appear: End Shift Print Receipt. Turning this on or off determines if a receipt is printed at each end of shift. Whether or not a receipt is printed, the end of shift data is always logged, and will be available in the Cash Drawer Report.
    ADM - Device Summary - Cash drawer management is yes.png


Cashier and Manager Experience

An example of an End Shift receipt: 

Cash Drawer Receipt Example.png