AV Live Release Notes 2023.6.0 [10/02/23]

Release Notes 2023.6.0

The following new features and updates were deployed on 10/2/2023. 


AV Live

What’s New

  • Allow AV Live admins to modify company contact info and allow operators and Project Greenlite admins to view company contact into as read-only

  • Removed the ProcessDexFiles job since it hasn’t been used in some time

  • Return the salt and hash of a GMA pin when handling a GMA email/pin request that does not contain the pin in the request

  • Remove additional unused MRO code

  • Cache the current planogramID for each machine while processing transactions to help improve speed of processing transactions

  • In the setup response, remove Custom Fields setting for PicoVend and PayPlus and remove Users from PayPlus