V5 Kiosk Release Notes 230801 [09-28-23]

Release 230801

The following new features were release on 09/28/23.


V5 Kiosk

What's New

  • The issue of kiosks getting stuck on loading or purchase complete screens after selecting receipt options is fixed.

  • The issue of multiple buttons being displayed for an item with multiple UPCs in the search results has been resolved.

  • Improvements and fixes to the processing of payments for both CBORD and BlackBoard integrations.

  • RT>SS> Balance Total when adding funds to GMA Account not updating on screen. The issue of balance total not updating when adding funds to a GMA account via the "My Account" button in SS has been identified as a refresh problem and needs further investigation.

  • The project involves integrating with Coop2go, a rewards program in Switzerland. The integration is specifically for point program integration with V5 kiosks.

  • MM6 Mini kiosks will now have updated home commercials, to improve the UI by utilizing additional space, alongside updating the messaging and pictures used.

  • Dining Kiosks will now have an updated UI on the Attract, Cart, and Menu screens. These changes will make it clearer to users about what actions they should take as well as provide additional context. Pickup Locations can now also be setup and shown with images. The Order Ahead experience on Kiosks has had some ease-of-use changes. The above changes will not affect the user experience with Lockers.