ADM - Release Notes - 230908 [09/28/23]

Release Notes rel-230908-server 

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 9/28/23.



What’s New

  • As Order Ahead continues to grow with 365Dining installs, we are working to provide more detailed insights into transactions on a real-time basis. ADM now has an Order Ahead Aggregated report, which will display both individual transactions and aggregated counts of products sold. This report can be used by kitchen staff to have detailed insights into each transaction that was placed, or to grab the correct quantity of products from storage. The report will have two available groupings of data to display both types of insights, making it easier to run and export at one time.

  • The Schedule Report feature in ADM allows users to have reports automatically generated and emailed to themselves on a pre-defined basis. We have updated some Location filter functionality around this feature so that as new locations are onboarded, they will automatically be included in the report. When the “All” Location option is initially selected, any new locations that are onboarded will automatically be added to the schedule report for consistent aggregated reporting.

  • The Pick List feature in ADM has been updated to help prevent the occurrence of unintended consequences when in the planning stage. The input of units has been limited to positive integers, and there are now additional checks when product need levels are attempted to be set to zero. These changes will act as guardrails so that pick lists don’t get stuck or updated incorrectly.


Bug Fixes

  • General bug fixes.