ADM - Release Notes - 230818 [09/07/23]

Release Notes rel-230818-server 

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 9/7/23.



What’s New

  • We have implemented the ability for all product inventory levels to be set to zero on the Location Summary page in ADM. Previously, only products with negative inventory levels could be reset to zero, but with this update, both negative and positive inventory levels can be set to zero. This will help Operators when they quickly need to reset all inventory levels to get back to a base starting point.

  • The Gift Card Details report has been updated to show a single line item record that updates with usage for each unique Gift Card. This update will group all transactions associated with a single Gift Card to help provide clearer insights on usage and statuses, so the Operator can accurately report on how Gift Cards are performing.

  • The Inventory Variance report has been revamped to provide clearer insights into the movement of products in a Location. These updates are more “behind-the-scenes” in nature, but will ultimately drive more accurate and reliable insights into variances that may occur between physical inventories.

  • The Admin Device Dashboard has been revamped to provide more pertinent information and load results quicker. A few additional fields have been added to the Dashboard, including Last Full Sync, Kiosk Version, and Last Reboot. Additionally, the Manage Column concept has been introduced on this grid to allow users to better manage their views and load data as needed.

  • Please note that the ability to Schedule a Report that was run with a “Custom” date range has been removed. Reports with Custom date ranges could previously be set on a Schedule, but the same data would just be sent over and over. This ability has been removed to help prevent confusion and to help better guide users on how to best schedule their reports with the pre-defined ranges.


Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug in the Active App Users column on the ADM homepage dashboard that was causing some discrepancies in reporting. With this fix, the column will once again show accurate values in the number of GMA associated to the location that are actively using the 365Pay app.