PicoVend Mini 2023.3.2 - Release Notes [08-14-23]

Release Notes 2023.3.2

The following new features and updates were deployed on 8/14/2023. 


PicoVend Mini

What’s New

  • Add CastlesPay Heartland libraries

  • Power off device if Deactivate or PowerOff message is received

  • Handle case where TID is not assigned, or credit cards can not be processed but other payment options are available

  • Prevent device from rebooting when there is no SIM installed or detected

  • Add handling for new MQTT message, getLongLogcat

  • Add ability to navigate to the Config screen from an unlinked device on the QR code screen

  • Add ability to trigger sending logs from device. Enter secret knock to go to Config screen and tap the top left corner to trigger a logcat and VMC log being sent to AV Live

    • Fixed advertisement display cycle so the Instructions screen and Cash Only screens are included in the cycle

    • Improved payment flow process so the ‘Remove Card’ is displayed before the ‘Please Wait’ screen