PepsiCo SodaStream - Quick Cart - Setup, Installation, and Maintenance


This article serves as the installation, operation, and maintenance manual of the Unattended Cart (MC 4848), also known as the Quick Cart.


Warnings and Disclaimers

  1. Read this manual before installation, operation, and/or servicing this cart

  2. This cart is used in conjunction with the DC6LP-HC Cooler charged with R-290 (propane) flammable refrigerant. Read the cooler’s manual before use and follow all safety instructions

  3. Unplug the cart’s power cord from the wall outlet before moving the cart

  4. Lock cart casters when the cart is parked and left unattended

  5. Always use QBD cooling systems OEM parts. Use of non-OEM part(s) voids warranty and may lead to property damage, fire, serious injury, or death

Please read this manual carefully before installing, operating and servicing this unattended cart. Improper installation, operation and maintenance of the cart can cause damage to the cart, fire, injuries or death.

This manual must be kept in an accessible location for easy reference during installation, operation, maintenance and service.

QBD Cooling Systems, hereafter QBD, neither assumes nor authorizes any representative or other person to assume for it any obligation or liability in connection with the QBD product, its sale, operation or use other than such as is expressly set forth herein.

Exclusions from Warranty Coverage

QBD warranty does not cover:

  • Spoilage of products, loss of sales, incidental, indirect, consequential or special damages, or any injury, loss, cost or expense directly or indirectly sustained in connection with the Product, its sale, operation or use.

  • Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, spoilage of products, loss of sales, incidental, indirect, consequential or special damages, or any injury, loss, cost or expense arising directly or indirectly from fungi or fungal derivatives sustained in connection with the Product, its sale, operation or use.

  • Glass (door and side window) or light bulb breakage, castors, hinges, magnetic gasket, sliding door wheels, door tracks, decals, power cords and parts of normal wear and tear.

  • Any product that has been subject to misuse, neglect, alteration, tampering, accident, or to any damage to any product caused during transportation, improper installation (except when the product is installed by employees of QBD), flood, fire, water damage, burglary, terrorism or acts of God.


Limited Warranty

QBD warrants to the original purchaser at the location of original installation of the Product that the Product is free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use.

QBD’s obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repairing or replacing, at QBD’s option, any part of such product, which proves thus defective and which upon examination by QBD and to its satisfaction to be defective shall be determined to be defective. Notwithstanding this assumption of responsibility by QBD, QBD’s responsibility for the costs and labor incurred in repairing or replacing the Product shall not exceed the sale price of the Product. The labor warranty shall include standard straight time labor charges only and reasonable travel time, as determined by QBD.


Unit Inspection for Any Shipping Damage and Serial Number

Examine all packages for damage to packaging material. Damage to external packaging may have resulted in unit damage. Check packages for all accessories and components.

If you received a damaged unit, refuse the shipment and immediately contact the carrier to report the incident.

Record the model and serial numbers of the unit for easy reference. Always refer to the model number and serial numbers in future correspondence regarding the unit.

This manual is only a reference document for installation, use, and service. For additional information, call or write QBD Cooling Systems at 1-800-663-3005 or info@qbd.comParts are available at


Uncrating Cart

  1. The carted cart is shown

  2. Unscrew and remove the top and all four sides of the crate using a screwdriver

  3. Slide the skid out carefully by slightly lifting the cart sides up

  4. Collect the antenna bracket, top tray and other hardware from cart’s package as shown. These parts are required for installation.

  5. Press the lever down on both swivel casters to lock the caster wheels so that the cart will not move during the installation process.

  6. Ensure the cart is leveled from all sides and stable for further assembly


Installation of Antenna 

  1. Unscrew top panel (4 screws). Lift and slide out the top stainless steel cover from the cart and keep it on the side

  2. Using a screwdriver and spanner/wrench, attach the antenna bracket to the antenna with the supplied nut and screw (#10-24).

  3. Install the antenna assembly (bracket and antenna) on top of the rear stainless-steel frame with the #8 machine screw.

  4. Pass the antenna wire through the antenna bracket as shown in the pic  

  5. Pass the antenna wire through the hole in the cross channel at top front as shown in the picture below.       


Installation of Cooler in the Cart  

  1. Unscrew the cross channel from 4 places, lift, turn, and place it on the right side of the top shelf. Have a cover underneath to protect the powder coating of the shelf from scratching.
  2. Tilt the cooler forward, push back and place it inside the cart as shown below      

  3. Make sure the cooler rear feet follow the side channel guide for proper installation.

  4. Slide the cooler, and clear the front foot by lifting the cooler

  5. Ensure the cooler is placed properly, verify the leveling front to back and side to side.

  6. Add the tie wraps to the cross channel to secure the battery bank

  7. Connect the cooler power cord to the receptacle as shown below

  8. Install the cross channel and secure it with screws

  9. Secure the battery bank as shown in the picture using tie wraps.
    • Note: Battery bank is shipped separately by PepsiCo

  10. Plug the battery charger into the receptacle as shown in the picture and secure it with another tie wrap. Note: The battery charger is shipped separately by PepsiCo.



Installation of Rear-top Panel 

  1. Install the rear-top panel as shown in the picture

  2. Slide the plastic shim over the edges with your hand

  3. Use a wood block and gently tap on top of the plastic shim to slide it down. 

  4. The plastic shim should be placed relative to the handle as shown below. Install plastic shim on both wings of the rear-top panel.


Installation of Pay Terminal 

  1. Fasten the molded stand to the stainless-steel top cover, ensuring alignment of slots of the molded stand with the stainless-steel cover opening. Use zinc plated screws at 2 places (#10x 32) from the bottom as shown in the picture. 
  2. Pass the antenna cable and battery cable through the opening and slot in the molded stand

  3.  Pull up the antenna cable and battery cable through the slot and molded stand as shown below

  4. Connect the battery cable to the connector which is coming from the wire harness coming as part of the pay terminal kit.
    • Note: The pay terminal and the wire harness are shipped separately by PepsiCo.

  5. Attach the antenna cable and the wire harness to the pay terminal

  6. Secure the pay terminal to the molded stand assembly using 4 black countersunk head screws (M3 x 30)

  7. Ensure the pay terminal is secured properly to the molded stand

  8. Secure the top stainless-steel panel to the cart as shown below (6 screws)
  9. Peel off the clear screen protection as shown below


  10. Install the top shelf as shown below


Final Installation of the Cart at the Designated Place 

  1. Lift the lever up on both swivel casters to unlock the caster wheel so that the cart will be free to move.

  2. Push the cart to the designated place and lock the caster.
  3. Plug the cart power cord into a designated source, Power cord is located at the back of the cart
  4. Verify the cooler is on, the light will be on, and the thermostat setting should be set to “5” inside the cooler.

  5. Verify payment device is powered on by looking at its screen.

  6. Verify 20oz bottles fit properly on all shelves in the cooler. If not, adjust the shelf position accordingly.


Preventative Maintenance and Cleaning 

  • Remove all products from shelves before cleaning

  • Wipe the shelves and exterior of the cart with a soft cloth dampened with soapy detergent water. Then, dry with a soft cloth.

  • Do not use abrasive materials, scouring powders, or aggressive spray cleaners which may damage the painted surfaces of the cart.

  • Never use acids, chemical thinners, gasoline, benzene, or the like for cleaning any part of the cart.