ADM - Release Notes - 230630 [07/27/23]

Release Notes rel-230630-server 

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 7/27/23.



What’s New

  • The Loyalty program associated with GMA is a great way to incentivize consumers to make more purchases as they try to reach the various redemption thresholds. When a consumer redeems their loyalty points for cash back on their account, a confirmation email will be sent to them. This email communication has been completely revamped to provide a more comprehensive user experience so consumers have more detail into what has occurred.

  • New functionality has been added to ADM to allow for images to be associated with 365Dining Pickup Locations and Upsells. Adding images to these fields is an optional setting, but when enabled, will provide a more engaging consumer experience. Any images that are associated will show on the 365Dining Self-Service interface. Please note, these features will also require the 230801 kiosk release to be available on 365Dining.

  • Additional settings have been added to the Info section of the Device Summary page to allow for 365Dining Cash Drawer Management. These settings will apply only to 365Dining kiosks and will determine if there will be a cashout process from the Cashier perspective on the kiosk. Please note, this feature will also require the 230801 kiosk release to be available on 365Dining.


Bug Fixes

  • A bug has been fixed on the Consumer Search grid that was causing incorrect values to display in the App and Fingerprint columns. With this fix, the correct value of either Yes or No will now display for the associated GMA, ultimately providing accurate insight into the account.