Hard Drive Recovery USB Creation - CK


This document shows how to create the auto recovery USB for MM6 devices.


Required Tools

  • Laptop/PC
  • 8GB minimum USB drive
  • ck-disk-utiliso.iso downloaded to Laptop/PC
  • USB flashing program

You may use whichever USB flashing program you prefer. We'll be using Etcher for this demonstration.

If you need the link to download the ck-disk-utiliso.iso please contact CK Support at 877-280-7373 or by email



  1. Start the USB flashing program (Etcher displayed)
  2. Click on Flash from file
  3. Select the ck-disk-utiliso.iso
  4. Click Open
  5. Ensure the device in the center is the correct one by hovering over the name

    a) If the wrong USB is showing click Change
    b) Select the correct USB and press Select on the bottom right

    CAUTION: This will destroy any data on the selected USB device. Please be sure you know which device is being flashed and are okay with the data being destroyed.

  6. Click Flash!

    a) If you get a windows administration message please click Yes or Okay

  7. Wait for Etcher to finish flashing and validating
  8. After validation, you should receive either a Success or Failure message

If the flash was completed successfully, the USB is ready to be used on a kiosk.
If the flash failed, there may be an issue with the USB device. Swap to a new USB and try again.