ADM - Release Notes - 230609 [06/29/23]

Release Notes rel-230609-server

The following new features and fixes were deployed on 6/29/23.



What’s New

  • Promotions in ADM have been updated to now be processed in an asynchronous manner after they are submitted. Previously, promotions would attempt to process directly within the UI of ADM, which could take a substantial amount of time to complete. With this update, users will now submit the promotion and then it will go into a queue for processing. It is extremely important to note that this means a user must be more engaged with the promotion as it may need to be edited after processing if there were any conflicts. This update removes a lot of the limitations that were in place before with promotions, thus now allowing users to create very expansive promotion records.

  • The Pick List Manager page in ADM has been updated for performance and functionality, making it quicker and easier for users to process their Pick Lists. The first update is related to performance and will make the various pages of the process load results much quicker than they previously did. The second update is related to functionality around managing specific products on a Pick List, which will provide better insight and control in adding, removing, or editing products.

  • The selection process for applying Org and Location permissions to an ADM User has been updated to be more user-friendly. The select dropdown has been sorted and made multi-select, ultimately making it much easier to search for and choose specific Orgs and Locations to apply to a user account.

  • When running reports in ADM with a custom date range, the maximum duration that can be pulled at one time is now 2 years. Previously, users could request data for virtually unlimited timeframes, which would cause slow performance of the system. Users can still request reports for dates further than 2 years in the past, but may be required to run multiple instances if they need a range that exceeds the limit.


Bug Fixes

  • A bug has been fixed related to the setting of Lead Times on an Order Ahead menu. Past the initial creation of the menu, some users were having issues saving changes to the Lead Times values, but with this fix, updates will once again be allowed as expected.

  • A bug on the Inventory Variance report that was causing incorrect variance values has been fixed. If the default start quantity for a product was set at 0, meaning no inventory was performed for that product on the start date, an issue was occurring with the ultimate calculation of the variance. With this fix, the report now better handles this scenario to provide an accurate value.