MM6 - Fish-Eye Security Camera


This internal article is a guide for troubleshooting issues with the camera on an MM6 kiosk. The camera is a user-facing, fish-eye camera with a full-range view for security purposes. This article explains how to diagnose issues with the camera and how to swap out the camera unit.



MM6 (all variations)

MM6 Plus (all variations) 


Common Issues

The most common issue with the camera is a loose cable. The camera receives its power via USB, so there is only one connection for the camera unit. At times, the camera image can also become frozen.


No Image from the Camera

  1. Check the USB connection on the PC

  2. Follow the steps below to remove the camera and check the plug on the back of the camera unit

  3. If a spare camera is available, check this to see if there is a problem with the camera unit

  4. Contact Support to diagnose any possible Software issues


Image is Frozen

  1. Restart the PC by pressing the power button


Removing the Camera Unit


 Phillips head screwdriver



  1. Turn off the kiosk and open the kiosk door

  2. Remove the 4 black Phillips head screws securing the top trim piece to the inside of the door assembly

  3. Pull the top trim piece straight back to remove it, exposing the camera unit

  4. Pull the camera backwards to remove it. You may need to lift up slightly to clear the door frame. Try not to touch the circuit board on the back of the camera, as this could damage the device.
    image006.jpg image008.jpg

  5. Remove the USB connector from the PC (coded with grey electrical tape)

  6. Remove the camera and cable from the kiosk. You may need to loosen the thumbnuts on the PC mounting bracket to make it easier to pull the cable.


Installing the Camera Unit

  1. Turn off the kiosk and open the kiosk door

  2. Insert the USB plug into an open port on the PC on the left-hand side

  3. Run the camera cable behind the PC and insert the camera into the camera bezel on the door assembly. Make sure the white connector is pointing down. 
    image018.jpg image020.jpg

  4. Route the cable through the passage on the top trim piece and press the trim piece into place. Secure with the 4 black Phillips-head screws.
    image022.jpg image024.jpg

  5. Tuck the cable into the piece of the corrugated loom to protect it from contacting the hinge, and tuck any excess cable behind the PC

  6. Power up the kiosk and verify the camera is functioning properly