Parlevel - Money Counter Integration - Alternative Solution/ Workaround Google Chrome Issue


The newest update for Google Chrome (ver114.0.5735.90 rel:2023-05-31) is no longer supporting the extensions needed for the money counter integration in the VMS (Vending Management System). We are currently working on a resolution to restore the money counter integration in the VMS. Below is a temporary alternative solution to continue working with a money counter.



  1. Navigate to the common data storage website.

  2. Download file:

  3. Unzip file:

  4. On unzipped file, Navigate to and open Chrome Application.

  5. Once the browser is opened, Pin it to the taskbar. You will use this browser while consolidating in the Parlevel VMS until we release a permanent fix.

  6. Reinstall Serial Monitor and Autofill through new browser.

  7. Once installed, you can utilize the new browser to continue normal money counting practices in the VMS.