AirVend DEX and Third Party Integrations




DEX can be used to pull raw data from the vending machine board for sales tracking. It can also be exported to third party management systems.


Setup DEX Cable

To setup DEX usage, the DEX cable from the AirVend / PicoVend / PicoVend Mini must first be plugged into the DEX port on the vending machine.



Set AV Live Company DEX Settings



DEX files can be pulled automatically at set time intervals. The settings can be set at the Company level and applied to all future created machines and at the individual machine level. Note: Setting the interval and start time at the Company level will NOT change the settings for existing machines. It will only be applied to new machines that are created in AV Live.

  1. Click on My Company.

  2. Select Company Info from the drop-down menu.

  3. Expand the Communication tab.

  4. Set the Dex Interval to your desired interval.

  5. Set the Dex Start Time to when you want the interval to begin.

  6. Click Save Changes.

In the image above the settings show that the device will pull a DEX file every 12 hours – one at 1:30 AM and one at 1:30 PM. The time will be in the time zone set for the corresponding machine.


Set AV Live Machine DEX Settings


Setting up automated DEX settings for an individual machine is similar to the steps above:

  1. Click on a machine name.

  2. Expand the Options tab.

  3. Make sure Is DEX Active is checked.

  4. Expand the Communication tab.

  5. Set the Dex Interval to your desired interval.

  6. Set the Dex Start Time to when you want the interval to begin.

  7. Click Save Changes.


Export DEX Files to a Third Party Software

One of the main reasons operators choose to setup DEX with their machines is to export the sales data to a third party management software such as Cantaloupe or Vendmax. To do this, the operator will need the Customer ID of the management system they want to integrate with  to identify them. They will also need the device third party ID to match data from a particular device and machine with their corresponding record in the VMS they are using. They also may need to know our Provider ID, which is “AirVend” (except for Vendmax, where it is “AIRVEN”).



  1. Click on My Company.
  1. Select Company Info from the drop-down menu.
  1. Expand the Integrations tab.
  1. Click + Integration.
  1. Select the Integration you want to use.
  1. Enter the Third Party ID (this will be provided by your contact from the VMS that the operator is using).
  1. You will need each of your device’s third party identifiers as well. That ID will be an auto-generated string in AV Live.
    If you would prefer to use the device’s serial number as the identifier, check the box Use Serial Number as Machine Third Party ID.
  1. Click Save Changes.

To find your desired device’s third party identifier, follow the steps below:


  1. Click on a machine name.
  1. Expand the Communication tab.
  1. See either the auto-generated ID OR the device serial number as the identifier.


Manually Pull and View DEX Files

AV Live allows operators to manually pull DEX files on command to view all uploaded files.


  1. Place a checkmark next to the desired machine name.
  1. Click on Actions > Dex > Send Dex Command.
  1. This will tell the machine to pull a DEX file immediately and upload it to AV Live.
  1. To view this file or any other scheduled DEX upload, place a checkmark next to the machine and click on Actions > Dex > Dex Uploads.
  1. Click on Details to view the DEX data.